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"I would not want to do my job without HazSoft!"

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MSDS Database


Other MSDS software packages and FaxBack services charge you to add your MSDS's to their database!   

N O T   H A Z S O F T !

Think about law your chemical suppliers must provide you with an MSDS for every product they sell you.  Why should you then have to pay someone else to be able to manage and distribute those MSDS's electronically.  You have enough costs associated with complying with MSDS requirements without having to pay for MSDS inclusion in a database.  

Besides, you would think that for what those other services are charging you just to use their service they could afford to include your MSDS's for you!

With the HazSoft solutions...

You have free access to use any of the MSDS's in our Master MSDS Database...there is no "per MSDS" charge!
If there are MSDS's you need, but we don't have, you are encouraged to use our MSDS Request form to tell us what you need.
We will effort to acquire an original copy of the MSDS's you need and convert them to PDF and include them in your database AT NO CHARGE!
There is NO LIMIT as to how many MSDS's we will include for you!
There is NO LIMIT as to how many times you access any or all MSDS's.

"HazSoft truly is a solution to MSDS delivery, management and distribution needs!"

Scott Rogers
RollTex, Inc.


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